Gardening with you fur babies in mind

Can you have pets in the yard and still have a beautiful landscape?

Dogs will find their favorite spots in the yard and you can incorporate your pet’s love for the outdoors with yours by petscaping your yard.


Many pet owners are looking to have healthier interactions with there pet by making their yards more pet friendly. One of the first things to do is to make sure the yard is safe. Check for hazards such as exposed electrical wires, toxic plants, and gaps in fences and then, consider what would make your pet comfortable.


Is there an area that’s shaded so your dog can get out of the sun exposure?. Is there shelter so that they can get out of the elements? Is there a grooming station in an area where we’d like to be able to clean/ bathe your dog? Rather than have a big muddy spot with your dog hooked up to a fence with a garden hose where you’re trying to wash the dog, set up a grooming station, an area where you know you’re going to bathe the dog regularly with a table, and a hook, and a sink.”


Dogs like to dig and can easily wear a path in the yard. Some grasses are hardier than others, so planting the right turf depends on not only where you live, but how it will stand up to pet activity.

  1. Most dogs like to dig holes to cool themselves, one option would be dig a shallow spot in a shaded area, line it with sand and keep it moist for your pet to stay cool in. 
  2. Dogs are territorial, so leaving a 18” plant free border around your yard for your dog to roam will help eliminate your gardens being treaded down.


Landscaping around the dog house with a topiary shaped like a fire hydrant and providing fresh water can be integrated into your petscape. 


Rather than just a water bowl, fountains and ponds can be set up as alternative watering sources for your dog. Some dogs love to swim and you can build a pond with a little bit of a ramp on one side, so that your dog knows that he can get in and out on that side. 


I can help you create a sustainable environment that will support the pet you love, as well as the garden space you desire.

My creative designs will include considerations such as water and feeding areas, proper shelter and protection from the elements, bathing and exercise areas, waste treatments, hardy plant selections, and more!


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