mower maintenaceWe all know that if we take care of our lawn care equipment, that it will do a number of things. One, it will not only extend the life of our equipment, but it will also preform better as well.

Here in Norway Maine fall is a great time to get your mower and gas powered hand tools ready for the winter months ahead and in this blog post we will go over prepping your mower for the winter season, so that it will be ready to go next spring.

Clean and Lubricate

First, you will want to clean off your lawn mower by using compressed air or you can use a blower (be sure to wear eye and hearing protection) to remove any debris from in and around the frame, tires, seat, engine area and deck area both top and bottom. Water can be used, but would recommend using air in order to prevent any rusting or getting any water into electrical components.

Once your mower is all cleaned up, be sure to go over your mower and lubricate/ grease all fittings. Also, a great time to remove the belts and turn the bearing and listen for any grinding or sharp noises, while checking to see it the bearings are tight.

If your not sure where any fittings are located, check your owners manual.

Change the Oil

Be sure to change your engines oil and filter prior to putting your lawn mower away for the winter. This eliminates any contaminates in the old oil to remain in the engine over the winter. Once the oil and filter have been changed, be sure to run the engine for about five minutes to allow the new oil to flow thru the system.

Air Filter

Check, blow out and or replace the air filter if needed. Most often this isn’t checked or cleaned and debris will build up in the filter housing, making a nice nesting area for mice.

Fuel Maintenance

Drain and run out any remaining fuel. If you won’t be draining your fuel tank this fall, be sure to add a fuel stabilizer and run the engine to get the fuel stabilizer circulated thru the system.

Mower Blades

Be sure to remove and inspect the mower blades for nicks or any damage and check the spindles while the blades are off for any play. Also, take the time to sharpen and balance the mower blades while the mower blades are off.

Belt Inspection

Now that your lawn mower is all clean and blown down, check and replace any belts with any fraying, cuts or other damage.

Battery Storage

If you will be storing your lawn mower outside be sure to remove your battery and store it in an area that is generally around 50-70 degrees. If you will be storing your mower inside, be sure to disconnect the battery cables.

Storing your mower

If you will be storing your mower outside this winter, be sure to cover it with a tarp to prevent any rain, snow or ice from getting into your mower. Moisture can cause many issues from rust to corrosion.

Again, if your storing you mower inside, be sure it is clean to prevent any mice from nesting in any old debris left on your mower.

As listed above, these tips will help to extend the life of your lawn care equipment and its performance for years to come. If you aren’t able to do these things, be sure to take your mower to your local dealer for service.