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30 Nov 2014

Warmer Temps & Falling Snow

Watch for the falling snow & ice this winter season!

With the warmer temps coming to Norway Maine this week, the snow will be coming off the metal roofs, blocking entry/exit areas and adding unwanted stress to decks and re-freezing during the over nights, causing potential safety concerns. Be sure to check these areas regularly, shoveling and deicing them as needed.

Also be sure your roofs drainage system is working properly, allowing the snow melt to drain properly without causing any icing or ice buildup on shingled roofs and would recommend roof raking the edges of your roof after each significant storm, allowing for better drainage for the melting snow.

24 Nov 2014

Gutter Cleaning

Do you have a rain gutter system on your home? If so, have you checked them this fall? With the winter months coming soon, now is a great time to do so or have someone check them for you.

Over the course of a year, hundreds of gallons of water run off our roofs and if our gutter system is clogged up and not draining properly, this can lead to water overflowing and causing not only exterior water damage to your home, but also issues with water in the basement.

By insuring that your gutter system is functioning properly before the winter months, you will help in preventing ice buildup as well on melt days, causing ice dams that will expand up your roof and seep into the shingles, causing interior water damage. So save yourself  a lot worry and some money from costly repairs due to water damage this winter and have your gutters checked.

When you clean your gutters this fall, also, be sure to check your drain spouts as well to insure that they’re clean and open.